Journal of Islamic Accounting, Business and Finance (JI-ABF)

Journal Title in ROAD ISSN:   Journal of Islamic Accounting, Business and Finance (JI-ABF)
Short Title:   JI-ABF
Language:   English; Indonesia
Management Style:   Open Access
Subject Areas:   Islamic Accounting, Business and Finance
Publisher:   Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business, IAIN Ternate, Indonesia
Frequency:   2 issues every year (June and December)
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E- ISSN:   0000000000
Editor in Chief:   Muhammad Ridwan, SE.,M.Si  
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Journal of Islamic Accounting, Business and Finance (JI-ABF) provides a dynamic forum for the advancement of accounting and business knowledge based on Islamic teachings to affect a positive impact on the welfare of societies around the world. JI-ABF welcomes pioneering contributions to Islamic accounting, economics, marketing, Shariah governance, banking and finance and publishes articles that promote accountability, socio-economic justice (adl) and everlasting success (al-falah). It seeks to inform, among others, current theoretical and empirical research and practice in Islamic accounting, auditing and corporate governance, management of Islamic organizations, accounting regulation and policy for Islamic institutions, Shari’ah audit review, governance, financial and non-financial performance measurement and disclosure in Islamic institutions and organizations.