Sharing to Carring: Self Regulated Millennials Facing Tuition Loads

Mega Ristanti, Dina Rahmawati, Mawardi Djamaluddin


Most students are in Online learning has psychological problems, among
others: stress due to many tasks, adjustments self that less burden thought that
Great, and there is Powerlessness in the student. Therefore, there needs to be
psychological support so that students can be optimistic, realistic, hopeful,
and achieve the desired target during the learning process. The purpose of this
devotional activity is to give information steps backing psychological to
students so that students can undergo learning daring with good. Audiences
goal In this activity, there are as many students as 62 participants, using lecture
methods, Q&A, and discussions conducted online using the application zoom.
Result implementation Devotion The society shows that nearly 50 percent of
students understand the concept of psychological support information during
learning well.
Keyword: self regulated, tuition loads

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